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Well, more like the sequel: “Son of Eggnog”. When you breakdown the ingredients of that nasty Christmas tradition it doesn’t have to be all that bad.

·4 egg yolks

·1/3 cup sugar, plus 1 tablespoon

·1 pint whole milk

·1 cup heavy cream

·3 ounces bourbon

·1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

·4 egg whites

Directions: Put all ingredients, except the bourbon, into a bowl and quickly cover and put into therefrigerator. You will need this for some really nice scrambled eggs tomorrow morning!

Pour 2 glasses of the Bourbon into a glass and grab 2 Table 36 Fellowship corona gordas and get out of the kitchen.

Find that one good trait about Uncle Boring and ask if he would like to partake in some holiday cheer. It’s the holidays, time for giving-Plus your wife will think its nice!

After you are finished listening to his boring stories about his bladder infection and how he can’t eat salt, introduce him to Table 36 Fellowship and Wild Turkey American Honey. This is your time to sound sophisticated, so maybe somebody in the family will finally think you’re smart. Teach him how and where to cut the corona gorda, and how to braze the end before you light. After you light up, tell him what flavors you taste and ask him his.

Now, its time to take a small sip of the American Honey. Right off the bat, you get notes of citrus and caramel. And combining that with the Table 36 you really notice the Earth tones with just a hint of spice. Hallelujah! I notice that the American Honey is a little on the thicker side and coats your throat just a little bit and feels like the cigar flavors actually are intensified on your tongue. I could see when this might be a little sweet to a bourbon connoisseur, but I’m not, and this is good – real good.

I’m nearing the third quarter of the cigar and am honestly tired of hearing about the hoosier neighbors, irritable bowl syndrome, and the gout, but this is too good to throw away. Normally, one conversation about Aunt Rhonda’s fetishes would have me running for the hills, but this combination almost has me joining in on the topic-Almost.

Smoke + Sip = a little bit of heaven. It seems that the spiciness of the Fellowship has decrease and left the door open for creamy, leathery bits. This is smoothest, bestest way to spend time with your family –


Tell me what you think-

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