Table 36 Cigars Cocktail Table Augusta Vintage PortAfter an evening of raking leaves, it’s my time. I go to my favorite spot on the back deck with a Table 36 Fellowship Corona Gorda and a bottle of Augusta Winery Vintage Port. I’ve been looking forward to this pairing, so here we go.

Now I don’t suggest the whole bottle, but I am calling this research. I start by pouring a small amount into a cordial glass. (Yes, I own a cordial glass!) It has been a year or so since I even tasted port, so I am eager to partake. I take a small sip and dear Lord is it good, but very, very strong. I don’t mean strong like tequila or bourbon, but almost like a concentrated wine. It almost felt as if it just smacked me in the face, but in a loving way.

Now eager for the pairing I light up. With the first mouthful of smoke there is a strong presence of earth and leather of all things. I also get a little spiciness that has eluded me in some of the past pairings – and I like it a lot. I go for my second drink and remember to only take in a very small amount. The Port is very soothing when you drink the right amount. All you need is just enough to whet the old whistle. And the sipping and smoking continues…

Working towards the halfway point and I am getting a creaminess…in the cigar. It is so smooth and so good. This is exactly what the doctor ordered. The spice has given way to a great, smooth finish. I now notice how small a cordial glass really is, so I fill up about halfway.

I am so relaxed I actually put the notepad down. The rest of this is for me. I’ll sum this up with saying this was a great, well, really good combo on a beautiful fall evening.

Let me know what you think…

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