Chef’s Table

Food is an extremely important part of what makes Table 36 what we are. Our origin is rooted in sharing a meal. Sure, cigars enhance the camaraderie we feel for one another, but we gather in the first place to break bread. As such, we feel strongly about finding ways to maximize the experience of relaxing in good company.

The typical cigar smokers tend to enjoy their smokes post-meal. The traditional routine of relaxing after a satisfying meal with a cigar is a time-honored, pleasurable way to enjoy your premium cigars. And a lot of what will be discussed here will revolve around these experiences. However, we’d also like to take some time to explore pairing cigars and food simultaneously. The dominant flavors in many cigars blend well with food. At the Chef’s Table, we’ll be discussing some traditional ideas regarding food and cigars as well as experimenting with some unconventional pairings. Expect regular updates with feature articles on specific food and cigar pairings as well as recipes geared towards the tastes of cigar smokers.

Joe Joe’s Tri Tip

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This recipe comes from a trip I took down to San Antonio to visit the guys with Club Humidor. I decided to take the family … Continue reading

Chicken Salad Equation

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Nope, not the title to an episode of The Big Bang Theory.  This is a process by which anyone can make a fantastic chicken salad.  … Continue reading

A Jewish Grandmother’s Brisket

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Last night, I hosted a Fantasy Football draft out by my pool.  This is truly one of my favorite days of the year.  A bunch … Continue reading

Rubbing Your Meat

Posted on by Chef Will

  Ok, so I know that the title is cheesy, but how else is a guy supposed to introduce this article.  As we move deep … Continue reading

Sprout Slaw

Posted on by Chef Will

So, a while ago my wife came home from the store with a bag of shredded brussels sprouts and I’m like, “Uhh, you don’t even … Continue reading

A Valentine’s Day Stir Fry?

Ok, so perhaps this isn’t the most typically romantic dish, but it is a little sloppy and definitely brings some heat, just like love should … Continue reading

Breaking the Yolk

Even though I’m including a recipe for a Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, this post is really more about a technique.  The technique involved in making … Continue reading

Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

This month’s Chef’s Table takes us to New Orleans.  My mother’s side of the family (as well as some other very close friends of mine) … Continue reading

T36 Thanksgiving Turkey

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I’m a big eater.  I mean big.  As such, Thanksgiving is a holiday that has always been extremely close to my mostly cholesterol clogged heart.  … Continue reading

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

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The weather around St. Louis has decidedly turned towards fall over the last couple of weeks.  With that in mind, I wanted to offer a … Continue reading