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The selection of a beverage to accompany a cigar is not always a conscious thought process. We often just grab whatever is on hand or fall into a routine of drinking the same thing with every cigar. Our focus at Table 36 is to broaden our scope of what is commonly thought of when puffing away at our favorite sticks. Different types of whiskey or red wine are stereotypically linked to cigars. But what about a rich Italian roast coffee or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a heady brown ale? These topics will be the focus of the discussion at the Cocktail Table. We will start with some general commentary on paring different types of beverages with cigars. From there, we’ll update with features on specific products and combinations that we here at Table 36 think you might appreciate.

Long Island Iced Tea

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Table 36 decided to have a little going away party for the 2 managing partners as they headed to the 2013 IPCPR International Trade Show. … Continue reading

Breaking out of the Bottle: Discovering Beer

Posted on by admin

The first in our new series of guest posts…This month, T36 friend Sean invites us to pull up a stool and learn that those glasses … Continue reading


Posted on by admin

I was a little nervous on this month’s cocktail table. A little pressure goes with pairing our cigar with the“unofficial” official beer of Table 36. … Continue reading

Pearl Pomegranate Screwdriver

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This months’ scenario: Wife and kids going shopping and I can’t go. I have to “fix something”. After feeding, bathing, and dressing, I am exhausted. … Continue reading

American Honey Nog

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Eggnog…Really? Well, more like the sequel: “Son of Eggnog”. When you breakdown the ingredients of that nasty Christmas tradition it doesn’t have to be all … Continue reading

Grand Marnier

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It is cold outside. So I either have to go to the garage to smoke, which I believe is how the “Unabomber”got his start, or … Continue reading

Augusta Vintage Port

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After an evening of raking leaves, it’s my time. I go to my favorite spot on the back deck with a Table 36 Fellowship Corona … Continue reading

T36 Cocktail

Posted on by admin

Try this new drink     So after a day of staying home from work with 2 sick kids, my wife lets me escape to the oasis … Continue reading

El Mayor Anejo Tequila

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I think we have all had that bad experience with tequila.  College party, shots, fading to black, waking up to a kid with an accent … Continue reading

Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

Posted on by admin

 After a long day of hanging out with the family at the pool, I want to have a little me time.  So as the wife … Continue reading

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