Table 36 Cigars Cocktail Table - El Mayor AnejoI think we have all had that bad experience with tequila.  College party, shots, fading to black, waking up to a kid with an accent playing with your feet….maybe that was just my experience.


The point to this is that this month’s pairing is not some cheap nasty shooting tequila. In my opinion, El Mayor Añejo was designed to be enjoyed with a premium hand-rolled cigar.  Do you smoke your cigar quickly, or do you sit back, relax, and enjoy the complexities of the Table 36 fellowship?  Hint:  Do the same with the El Mayor Añejo.



El Mayor Añejo Tequila

Since the ingredients (tequila – neat) are very simple, I will touch on some of the facts that the folks at El Mayor would want you to know.


100% Agave Tequila

• El Mayor Añejo is 100% agave tequila made at the Gonzalez family owned

Distillery under the watchful eye of tequila master Rodolfo


• The El Mayor Añejo is an ultra-premium tequila crafted for slow sipping.

• The El Mayor portfolio also includes El Mayor Reposado and El Mayor

Blanco, offering a taste for every connoisseur of fine spirits.


• El Mayor Añejo begins with the Blue Tequilana Weber agave grown in the

Highlands of Jalisco, where natural conditions produce a larger, sweeter

heart that yields the unique characteristics demanded of El Mayor tequila.

• It is double-distilled under time-honored, traditional methods enhanced by

the technology in the state-of-the-art Gonzãlez factory, a combination

resulting in the highest quality, premium tequila.

• Prior to bottling at 80 proof in 750 mL bottles, the tequila undergoes a

personal tasting by Rodolfo Gonzãlez. Every bottle is unique as each is

hand labeled, numbered and signed with Rodolfo’s approval.


• Aged for up to three years

• El Mayor Añejo has a rich golden amber color

• It has an aroma of caramel, sweet fruit and light oak

• The taste starts with a smooth entry that leads to a soft, medium-to-full

body with caramel, grilled tropical fruits and brown spices

• El Mayor Añejo has a long and rich finish that supports the body with a

lightly sweet agave fruit.


Ready, cut, light – I grab the Table 36 Corona Gorda and fire it up.  I’m pretty excited about this pairing since it came highly recommended for a good friend of mine.  I get about a quarter of the way in before I reach for the tequila.  I was really enjoying that spiciness and know I only have 2 ounces to go through. So I wait to sip…OK, now.


I take a very small sip.  Maybe a little nervous (see story above) or remembering the harshness, the first sip actually relaxes me as a warm smoothness moves down to my stomach. Holy cow that was nice.  Now I’m not experience enough to tell you that I could taste the “grilled tropical fruits” but there is a nice cedar or oak flavor along with some pepper. 


I take in a mouthful of smoke and immediately taste a sweetness of honey.  I’ve noticed that the spiciness of the tequila has mellowed that of the cigar – It’s now more of a lighter, more consistent spiciness.  This is really nice. 

I must like this because I look down and see that the cigar is about half gone, and there is only a few drops tequila left.

(Refill!) Fill it up again! Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!”

As I make the turn to the last third of the Corona Gorda, the flavor has turned to cedar.  This is a nice transition and almost like a “cooling down” of this great combo.  As I relax into the patio furniture, I almost have to laugh at the concept of being a bit afraid of tequila…Not that this is just any tequila.  I think I’ve gotten ahold of a pretty special, handmade tequila here and look forward to our next meeting.


Table 36 Corona Gorda and El Mayor Añejo… compañerismo! (fellowship)

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