Table 36 Cigars Cocktail Table Grand MarnierIt is cold outside. So I either have to go to the garage to smoke, which I believe is how the “Unabomber”got his start, or I head down to the local smoke shoppe. I go with option #2.

Now I realize that I will have to socialize a bit, but do I really need to hear about how unlucky Shane’s crappy fantasy football is for 45 minutes? Finally some peace and quiet! I had already fired up my favorite – the “big dog”, Table 36 fellowship V58. And it’s a good thing. It was the only highlight of talking to Mr. 5th place and dropping.

Now it’s time for a drink, so I order a Grand Marnier – neat. (Note: neat=poured straight out of the bottle, no ice, no nothing – and it sounds cool) Ahhhh! The first sip brings a warm orangey goodness that welcomes the cold weather. This is living!

I draw to blend the two together and I receive a nice warm, leathery beginning that leads to a smooth, earthy finish. Seems like a lot for one puff, but believe me, it’s all there. I have a warm feeling, like being in front of the fireplace in a hunting cabin in the middle of winter, but no…still at the shoppe!

I have to get a second drink due to the enormousness of the V58. Between the 2 drinks, my palate was cleansed and the cycle starts all over again. I love this job!

Let me know what you think!

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