Table 36 Cigars Cocktail Table Kraftig LagerI was a little nervous on this month’s cocktail table. A little pressure goes with pairing our cigar with the“unofficial” official beer of Table 36. Of course I say unofficial because the “official” comment was made on St. Patrick’s Day, after possibly a few too many (don’t know – wasn’t there) and also the fact that Ididn’t receive my truckload of product.

Honestly, I don’t know much about lager. But what I like about Kraftig (sorry, umlauts aren’t us) is that it is an American lager…so I don’t have to say “laaah-gah” like I’m in “Good Will Hunting”. So being an American Lager means it is lighter in color and flavor then the lagers that look like rusty water and that you have to chew. Kraftig uses old style German brewing practices by utilizing only four ingredients: pure water, fine barley malt, premium brewers’ yeast, and “noble” Hallertau hop (not bad for not knowing much about lager. Huh?) And most of us have tried an American Lager and maybe didn’t even know it. At least that’s what 3 frogs will tell you.

So let me now go to my comfort zone, smoking and drinking. I grab the Table 36 Fellowship in the Corona Gorda, snip the end, braise, and draw to get her started. I then grab the Kraftig and pour it somewhat hard (fast) into the pint glass. Doing this will release more of the gases, and let out special flavor molecules. (Well, that’s what I tell people when they tell me I need to learn how to pour a beer!) I take a few more puffs as I wait for the head to settle – drink! The Kraftig is light, but not watered down, and it feels and clean, not heavy and no bitter aftertaste. Why was I nervous about this? This is something I could drink all of the time – well, not ALL of the time. But this could be a new “go to” drink.

So I pair it with the cigar and I am getting some floral notes and maybe a little cocoa from the “Fellowship”. This is not new for me since I often enjoy a smoke and a brew. This is however my first time taking notes. I can see this being a good combination after cutting the lawn, drafting your fantasy team, or at career day at the Elementary school – this is what I do, you know.

Around the mid-point of the Corona Gorda, I think I am getting less of the cocoa and more of caramel and toast. The sweetness is a really nice twist from the spiciness or cedar that I frequently find in my pairings. It’s very unfortunate that I chose the smallest Fellowship size this time, but I guess I can always get another. At this point, I am ready to change the unofficial/official to official – But that would mean my people would have to call their people, and quite frankly, I have no people. (I am a one man wolf pack)

I am working my way out of the Table 36 and am getting some hints of citrus. I have to believe that this lager is a lot like our cigar. Not too full bodied, but many complex flavors to keep you coming back.

So I give this my seal of approval. Give it a try and enjoy!


Tommy Collins

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