A natural successor to our inaugural line, Integrity is the second in the “Core Values” line from Table 36.

We knew this follow-up would not only have to stand up to Fellowship which was the perfect launching pad for this line, but it would have to stand on its own as well.  We wanted Integrity to be complex, illustrate strength, and embody a solid construction all the while treating the palate to nuance and complexity.  As such, we looked to the legendary Nestor Plasencia.

Plasencia Cigars provided a history of five generations of the finest grown, cured, and rolled tobaccos and as such afforded us the chance to create the exciting and bold, hand-crafted puro for which we had hoped.  Integrity highlights the diverse soils from three of Nicaragua’s most noted regions, proudly displaying a Jalapa wrapper atop a double binder of Esteli and Jalapa which in turn secures ligero from both Condega and Jalapa all fashioned into a stylish soft box press.

 As with Fellowship we won’t tell you what we think you are “going to” or “should” find when you taste it.  For as communal an activity as cigar smoking can be, the pleasure is purely personal.  So pair it with steak or chips, iced tea or Scotch, while watching football or reruns on Nick at Nite. Whatever your personal ritual, Integrity is a purely perfect addition.

Integrity is available in four sizes:

Corona Gorda – 5.5”x46
Robusto – 5”x50
Toro – 6”x50
V58 – 6.5”x58

Click here for a  Integrity fact sheet.

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