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Last weekend we had our friends in from out of town. The weather was perfect and we had a great day with them and all of our kids: the zoo, yummy tacos, playing ball in the yard, all the good stuff. As the day wound down, my buddy and I headed out to the front patio for a drink and a cigar. I’m a self-professed whiskey novice (although, if I can ever make it back to a River City Whiskey Society meeting, they might be able to change that). However, my friend likes himself the brown liquor. All I had on hand was a bottle of Maker’s Mark so we made do with that. I’ve tried the pairing of Maker’s and our Fellowship line on multiple occasions, but this was the first time with someone else.

We had a great conversation that ranged from the cigars to the bourbon to our kids, jobs, wives, all of it. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason. We just meandered from topic to topic and back again while sipping and puffing away. It was everything that a relaxing evening should be.

As for the pairing itself, for those of you that are bourbon drinkers, I really think that you will find the clean, woody, Fellowship blend is really the best complement to this type of liquor. Honestly, Maker’s probably isn’t the best choice of bourbon; I imagine a less sweet/caramelly (is that a word?) option might be better. But as with so many pairings, the setting made all the difference on this evening. I wouldn’t have wanted anything else.

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