Table 36 Cigars Cocktail Table Pearl PomegranateThis months’ scenario: Wife and kids going shopping and I can’t go. I have to “fix something”. After feeding, bathing, and dressing, I am exhausted. Okay, time to get the kids ready…

I really need to tune up the snow blower, but I really need to clear my mind. So I grab a Table 36 Fellowship in the Robusto Size. It isn’t quite noon, so I’ll have to go with some kind of breakfast drink. I find the Pearl Pomegranate in the refrigerator, right next to the orange juice – coincidence? I think not.

I go with the standard Screwdriver recipe, 50% orange juice and 50% vodka. No use drinking it if you have to search for the alcohol, right?

I snip the end and grab some matches (feeling old school). Careful, braise the end, now to the meat and potatoes. I am a huge fan of the first few puffs. I guess it reminds me that I am truly smoking. Grab the screwdriver to see if I can adjust my attitude. Ahh, much better. Go for a puff and I notice that the spice I am normally greeted with is absent. The flavor is something new. I am getting a fruity flavor from the Fellowship. I’ve talked to folks who experienced this profile, but never me. I guess you could say I am losing my cherry…get it…fruit/cherry…whatever.

Now that my bad one liners took up the first third of the smoke, I will continue in a much more serious manner. Fruity flavors are still on my palate. I am loving this combo. Sure, this is not aficionado-like, but it’s what happening. It is possibly a Bing cherry flavor. Sorry, this is new – I’m having a hard time describing.

Towards the last third, I am getting less fruit and more earth. But the cherry remains, just not as strong.  Am noticing a little more spice as the OJ and cherry flavors wear off. I am a big fan of not only the drink, but the drink/smoke combo. Enjoy!


Tommy Collins

Hint – grab a little motor oil and rub on your fingertips. Wipe off with a dry towel and it looks like you’ve been working all day. Dab a little paint thinner on your wrists and nobody will ever know. Sure, the snow blower may not work, but you can always use the shovel!

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