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So after a day of staying home from work with 2 sick kids, my wife lets me escape to the oasis of the backyard to light up a little R&R.  I light up the fire pit and grab a brand new concoction – It is called the T36: Sweet “T”ea Vodka, “3” ounces of said vodka, and “6” ounces of lemonade. 
I grab the V58 – mostly because this is my first time out of the house today, everybody is sleeping, and I am taking full advantage of this opportunity.  And we’re off.  After just enjoying the combo of T36 and smoke for the first 15 minutes I notice that the sweet tea vodka really complimenting the earth tones of the “fellowship”.  Honestly, I was enjoying this so much, that I forgot I was out here to actually review this pairing.
Switching back and forth from the Table 36 cigar and the T36 drink brings an overall peacefulness to a hectic day.  Then you throw in the roaring fire and I am now in heaven.  This new drink is very refreshing on its own, but so much better with a Table 36.
The drink is finished and I am down to the last third of the V58.  With the flavor of the lemonade starting to wear off, I am getting a little more of the spice that was missing earlier. It isn’t overpowering, but it is providing a strong finish to a great 1-2 punch.
Try this combination and let me know what you think. 
P.S. -You might want to make sure it is at least cool outside if you use the fire pit!
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